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Welcome To Unique Funding Solutions, LLC

Welcome to Unique Funding Solutions, Your Hard Money Specialists. Helping you reach your goals is our mission. Our strong felt belief is all Hard Money Lenders are not equal. The creativity and ability of a lender is controlled by their experience and products. The constant ebb and flow of the market requires and demands flexibility. At Unique Funding Solutions, we are dedicated to the proposition that all lending solutions are not equal and need adaptive experts to resolve those needs.

If you have a Unique situation or need, you’re in the Right place. Contact Us and feel the Unique Difference!

We have Six Corporate Precepts at Unique Funding Solutions

  • Unrivaled Customer Service
  • No Nonsense Financing Process
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Quality and Precision
  • Unwavering Dedication to Client Success
  • Efficient and Flexible